Assistive Technology Website for School Teachers, School-Aged Students, Parents, Educators and Clients at the Adult Level
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This site is set up in simple linear format for optimal accessibility with screen readers and screen enlargers.  It provides links to tutorials, step-by-step "how to" items, possible IEP measurable goals and general descriptions.  It is intended to aid the teacher, student, parent, or adult client in learning to access computers for school, communication, leisure and future employment.

A more comprehensive website with categorical listings of links to adaptive software, hardware and training links can be viewed at

To move back one page, there is a "BACK" link at the bottom of each page.  You can also tap the backspace key, or try Alt left arrow.

When you are in an actual lesson such as "Word, Excel" and others, you will need to press and hold down the Alt key and hit the Tab key to move back-and-forth between the lesson and the document.  If you are doing an Internet lesson, you may need to Control Tab between the pages, or use Alt left and right arrow keys to move back-and-forth. If you have a recorder you can bring up a lesson, turn on record, and have the screen reader speak the lesson. Then, you can use you recording, with pauses when you need, to do the lesson.

Audio demonstration links are at the bottom of some of the "Lessons." These are real-life recordings of a task, including any issues that can arise when a given task is being performed. While these recordings belong to Bosma Enterprises, they are free for you to download, if you wish. Each recording is in MP3 format, making it possible to play them on any MP3 device.

Universal key commands are taught as opposed to specific screen readers or screen enlargement programs in order to facilitate understanding of concepts and tasks being taught, and to give the student a greater ability to use any Windows computer with any screen reader. It will be necessary for the student to learn screen reader or screen enlarger specific key commands for tasks such as "read all." Many of the key commands and lessons will work for people who do not need or use a screen reader or screen enlarger.

The word "hit" is used in most of the lessons because the words "Tab and tap" were being confused. While this is not a word generally used in education, it was necessary in order to provide clarity for the student.

Score Sheets are found in many of the areas below, especially Office programs and the Internet. If you download a "Score Sheet," you can hold the Control Key and left click on one of the links with the mouse, or arrow onto the link, hit the Applications key one time, down arrow to the "Open Hyperlink" menu item, and then hit the Enter key to go to that links' lesson web page.

Assistive Technology Assessment Checklist Including Links to Accessibility Hardware and Software

Computer Proficiency Checklist for Basic Skills Including Links to Scoresheets, and Lessons

Lesson Plan Outline

Keyboarding  Lessons

Simple Windows

Simple Word

Simple Excel

Simple PowerPoint

Simple Outlook (email)

Simple Internet

Windows 10

Scanning to Read

Tablets and Smart Phones

Screen Readers

Screen Enlargers

ISU Materials Weekend Seminar

Adaptive Hardware and Software Contact Information Resources

NLS BARD Talking Books

Bookshare Electronic Downloadable Books

Learning Ally Electronic Downloadable Books